“Morning pages” is a concept from the book The Artist’s Way and it is the springboard for everything I’m making right now. Every single day, you write three pages. Of anything. Dialogue, humor, bad metaphors, crass language, the names of people you miss - you write whatever your brain shouts out at you without judgement or correction. Just get messy in there.

No one has ever started out as an expert. There’s arguments to be made for innate skill, but every person we admire for their craft has worked at it. Lumpy, clumsy sketches. Washed-out watercolors. Badly mixed paints. Broken materials. Projects that go straight in the bin. We’ve learned to see those as shameful failures. In reality, they are nothing more than sweat.

When we exert ourselves, we get stinky and sticky and drippy. We don’t like the sweat, but we know why it’s there. The making of it comes from propelling our bodies through the world, from intense feeling. What am I climbing towards? What has stirred my passion? Is it not worth the damp discomfort, when the other side is health and joy and aliveness?