friendship, friendliness, harmony, harmoniousness, understanding, accord, cooperation, companionship, amicableness, goodwill, cordiality, warmth


Sulky teen goth magical girl witch. GeekspaceTV’s High School Royale, based on the OVA Anime Roleplaying System.


Barking; specifically to inform of passing cars, doorbells, strange noises, animals, the wind, et al.

"The pup boofed suddenly; it startled me!”


A typo of the word “Drift” - referencing the mentally unified state of pilots in the movie Pacific Rim.

Origin: Upon saying the same thing at the same timE in a chat message, Ben and Jamie replied with identical typos of “Drift”, instead syncing once again and saying “drifG” creating a meta-reference to the phenomenon.


An affectionate nickname for a group of friends.


A term of empowerment or endearment. Indulges in behaviors stereotypically associated with a ‘teenage boy’ or ‘bachelor lifestyle’. Signs of gremlining, or a gremlin, include:

messy room, high intake of soda, disregard for the opinion of others, competitive, poor posture, sweatpants-clad, pizza-and-snacks consuming, video game marathoning, sarcasm, geekiness, technical aptitude, good-natured trolling, hermit behavior, dark rooms

EXAMPLE: Usagi Tskino, himotou Umaru-chan, Hana Song, Futaba sakura


Jamie is in the process of retrofitting an ambulance into a mobile art studio and camper. YUP.


Friends whom you primarily communicate with via digital means, and may have never met in physical space.


We are trying our best. That means we can forgive ourselves and each other if we make mistakes, and we can ask for help or talk things through if something feels off. We are open to compassionate criticism and don’t unnecessarily criticize others. We cheer for successes and listen and sympathize with challenges. And if we don’t know what to do, we just try our best.

Origin: In a League of Legends lobby long, long ago, there was a party of randoms. They cordially picked classes and bantered about strategy; all but one teammate. As the game started and “GL:HF”s were exchanged, they said simply: “Try best.”

Oopsie/Oopsie Car

When Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds was released, the vehicle mechanics were Jamie’s favorite part of the game. Oopsie Car references the strategy of flipping a vehicle upside down and remaining inside of it, only leaving to kill unsuspecting enemies or survive the circle. Often ended in hilarity.