The Legend of Fries Guy

Originally Published on Patreon, Nov 13, 2016

I had a rough day Thursday. I think the best word to describe my mood would be "despair." Having missed a planned dinner with my folks, I hit the McDonalds drive-through for comfort fries.

The kind-voiced lady took my order as I mentally poured through my to-do list, beat myself up a bit for spending money on junk food, worried about my dad's upcoming surgery, and how the election could impact my life and the life of those I love - generally wallowed. I was really wallowin', y'all. It was an IMPRESSIVE wallow. As I pulled my card out to pay, she smiled and said "oh, it's already taken care of. The man in front of you paid for yours, too."

And I burst into tears.

There's no way he could have known about my worries, my struggles, my fears. Even knowing nothing about me, he tacked my order on to his for no reason other than to make my life a little bit easier, to put a little bit of kindness into the world. Why? What could have possibly motivated him to choose that day, of all days. I will never know.

And I realized - I have the power be someone's fries guy. He did a nice thing for the sake of doing a nice thing: even if I have a rough day, if I'm worried, struggling, scared - that doesn't remove my ability to be someones' fries guy. To acknowledge another human through a random act of kindness simply for the sake of making the world a little kinder. It brought me hope when I needed it most.

Thank you, fries guy.